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I'm Heather Clayton Staker

Some of you have a dream for K-12 education. You want to reach students who are not thriving, provide effective instruction, and create happier, safer learning communities. You want to make a difference.

‚ÄčYou are not alone. Many people believe that the schools of yesterday are not ideal for today.¬†

Welcome to Guide School, where I'll give you tools and a map. Our modern world needs adults like you. Welcome.

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worldwide impact

List of countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, UAE, UK, US

Flex models offer benefits that conventional classrooms can't match

Conventional K-12 classroom model

Flex blended-learning model

Student facing a teacher in the front of the classroom
Student reading on beanbag and another student learning on a laptop
  • Sit-and-get, monolithic instruction
  • Performance depends on being lucky enough to get an all-star teacher
  • Easy to get lost in the crowded hallways
  • Frequent whole-group instruction
  • Can feel irrelevant to the real world
  • Self-directed learning at the right level
  • Students get¬†in-person guides¬†rather than¬†exhausted¬†instructors
  • Small, tightly-knit¬†classrooms, studios, or microschools
  • Frequent individual coaching
  • Real-world apprenticeships

You can lead the way in this work.

I'll add momentum.

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Do you have a teacher or a guide mindset?

Take this FREE quiz to see if you're better suited to work in a conventional classroom or a 21st-century Flex blended-learning model.

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The truth about computers in K-12 classrooms

The research is clear: Using phones and laptops for instruction can lead to worse results. Grab this FREE research brief with seven truths about devices.

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Checklist items to look for in a Flex program

Grab this FREE checklist of what to look for the next time you're touring a school, hiring for an education job, or shopping for a school for your children.

Akmal Shahir with a beard and hat

Akmal Shahir, Teacher


"This program makes me feel the revolution of education. It makes me want to learn more and more. It is easy to access and user friendly." 

Hafiz bin Abu Bakar in a purple shirt and necktie

Hafiz bin Abu Bakar, Teacher


"Students were thrilled to engage in activities that moved away from the traditional 'chalk and talk' method. I feel delighted guiding."

Aziah Yahay with a scarf and blazer

Aziah Yahaya, Teacher


"I was so grateful to be given the chance to join this program. It enabled students to engage, explore, and develop 21st-century skills."

Malaysian teachers on Zoom with Heather Staker

Free case study

A gallery of examples to help you Flex

Get ideas from Malaysia! This case study shares the experiences of Malaysian teachers who took the first steps toward a Flex model.

This beautiful 48-page document features photos and videos depicting the work of 88 teachers from primary and secondary schools across Malaysia.

The gallery shows the disruptive innovation of blended learning using a Flex model. This up-and-coming design has students learning online as the backbone of instruction, with offline, in-person activities to offer connection and application.

Microsoft provided the digital education tools for this study, and I coached the teachers with the help of my Ready to Blend team (now "Guide School").


Staffing AI-era schools with guides

Disruptive innovators are replacing conventional classrooms with Flex models that are suited to the complex needs of students today. These special new spaces need guides. I'm here to support you in this critical opportunity for K-12 education. 

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